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Department of Neurosurgery, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University


Another year has come to an end with our readers, authors, reviewers, and editorial board. I am delighted to celebrate with you the third year of the Pan Arab Journal of Neurosurgery (PAJN) since relaunching the journal in January 2021. I have the pleasure publishing December 2023 issue with diverse topics from different countries such as Egypt, Guinea, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia. We continued to have increased submissions; the submission was nearly tripled compared to the last year which allowed us to select the more distinguished articles.

All published articles in the PAJN can be downloaded freely due to the open-access platform; because as previously stated, our aim is to enhance the advancement of medical education and science. Our current open access platform has increased the visibility of the journal’s articles. Up to the present time, we have 63 publications that were downloaded greater than 8,300 times. This is in line with our objective to engage the young neurosurgeons and successfully encourage authors’ work. The PAJN aims to bring neurosurgeons the research and best updated information in a useful format, so as to improve the delivery of health care to patients from the Arab countries and across the globe.